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Being a wine connoisseur or a wine aficionada entails that you have a solid understanding of wines and its characteristics. The guide mentioned above are by no means an exhaustive list, but they should help you get started on your journey. Remember that this endeavour takes time, patience, and dedication, and there will always be new opportunities that will test your merit and challenge your palate – and only very few oenophiles are able to successfully transcend from being a simple wine lover to a genuine wine expert. Focus on continuing your wine connoisseur education by reading wine blogs and books to stay updated and uncover other interesting details you may have not noticed in the past. To get started with your wine collection or if you’re looking for great tasting wines at modest prices, you visit our Fairfield wine and spirit store, or you can send us a message in our contact form or call us at 02 9724 5157. We’re ready to serve.

Start your own wine collection

Every wine connoisseur or enthusiast will have a wine collection tucked neatly in storage. Sure, wines are expensive, but you don’t necessarily have to break your bank account to start a collection. Even seasoned experts started with collecting modest wines at first, and there are some great tasting wines that you can buy at reasonable prices from a liquor store or a cellar bottle shop even.

When choosing wines for your collection, don’t be influenced into buying the most expensive ones – instead, make your choices based on what you like – whether they belong to the lower end or higher end of the price spectrum doesn’t matter. As you begin to see your collection grow, you will also have tasted a good range of wines and your skills will surely have expanded. Besides, having a stack of great tasting wines will come in handy someday, especially during the holidays or any special occasion.

Blind tasting

One thing you could do during your wine tasting session is blind tasting. This is actually a very good way to hone your skills and get intimate with the different taste and subtleties of wine. There are several ways you can do this, and one of the simplest methods is to cover the wine bottle’s label. This prevents you from being influenced by brands, and thus be able to make judgements solely based on how you perceive the wine and its actual taste. During the blind tasting session, make sure to take notes about the color, taste and other nuances of the wine you are tasting.

It can be challenging to go at this alone, since you will be buying the wine yourself and you will of course see the labels; what you can do though is have someone buy them for you from the different liquor store Fairfield is home to, cover the bottle in a foil and number them. This way, you will have no idea about the name of the wine you are tasting. Take a wild guess if needed – don’t be afraid of being wrong – this should be a fun and exciting learning experience for you.

Practise the 4’s of Wine Tasting

The 4’s of wine tasting is nothing new, but it is one of the most important aspects to becoming a wine connoisseur. Practicing the 4’s whenever you can will help you to develop your palate and taste for Fairfield wines (or any other type of wine for that matter) as it allows your senses to get up close and personal with the different characteristics and components of wines. The 4’s of wine tasting refer to:

  • See – the color of the wine is one indicator of age. For instance, older red wines will have a lighter color compared to a bottle of red wine from a younger batch. The opposite is true for white wines, where older batches will have darker shades.
  • Swirl – swirling releases the different aromatics of a wine, and is an important step before moving to the third ‘S.’ When swirling, aim to coat all the sides of the glass evenly.
  • Smell – different wines will have different scents – from citrusy to berry scents and so on. Some will even have woody or vanilla scents. A wine’s scent is affected by different factors, including the storage temperature. For instance, white wines stored in cool temperatures have a tangy scent.
  • Sip – don’t send the wine straight to the back of your throat. Let it linger in your mouth, and try to wet your whole tongue with it before swallowing. Try to identify the different flavours of the wine after you sip.

Socialise with Other Wine Experts

Aside from reading, you should also try making friends with wine connoisseurs from a liquor store Fairfield and the surrounding areas is home to – and no, they’re not as snobby as television shows make them look like. You can visit their shops if they have one, and engage them in a small chit chat and try to learn as much as you can in the process.
You can also join a wine tasting group – there is certainly bound to be one organised in your area. It doesn’t have to be a very large or prominent group, because sometimes you’ll find some of the best wine experts mingling with enthusiasts in small corners of the best wine and bottle shop Fairfield has to offer. If you can’t find a wine tasting group in your neighbourhood, try organizing one yourself. You can start a once a month private wine tasting session with a couple of your friends and relatives who have the same passion for wine and spirit as you do, or you can turn it into an open session by inviting oenophiles or enthusiasts in your area. One tip: you don’t have to buy all the wines for the session because you can always ask the participants to bring a bottle to the session. To make things more interesting, organise the session around a particular theme, like ‘White Wines Only’ or ‘Wines from Tuscany.’
Another great place to find wine aficionados to chat with is online. Just do a google search about different ‘wine forums’ and you will be flooded with over a hundred of them. Choose one which you think is a good fit for your, or better yet try joining two or three of them. There are varied learning opportunities to be had in places like these, from getting personal opinions of other wine enthusiasts to sharing links and resources for further reading.

Educate Yourself about Wines

Learning about wines and spirits takes time and patience, and one of the first steps you need to take is to read about them. There are hundreds of books published about wines – some of them may be simple coffee table books with pictures and short descriptions, while others may be more technical and delve right into the science of wine making, microclimates and its effects on wines, and other similar topic. As a beginning wine expert, you may want to start off with a simple yet informative book – one that covers every important detail like the types of wine and the places where they are grown among others – to help set the foundation for your journey towards becoming a wine connoisseur. Aside from reading a book, you can also do some research online and read Fairfield wines blogs like this, and so on. And while you’re at it, try sipping on a glass of wine as you read just to make the endeavour much more enjoyable.
In addition, if you have the money and the time, why not try touring a vineyard or a winery? These places can teach you a lot about wines and how they are processed – from the grape picking to the aging process up to the bottling stages. Also, you can try joining a wine making class if you have one in your area. This is a great way to get down to the specifics of all things wine, plus it helps you to get acquainted with other people who are also interested in wines and spirits – a point which leads us to guide number two.

Fairfield Wines Tips to Becoming Your Own Wine Expert

Wine connoisseurs have always held an esteemed place in many social gatherings. Their ability to tell the kind of wine and its origins by simply looking and tasting it is just impressive. Becoming a wine connoisseur is an acquired taste – literally speaking, you’ll have to work your way towards becoming one. There is a difference between a wine connoisseur and an oenophile (the former being a wine expert and the latter being a wine lover), and if you’re hoping to become the first, then here are some tips courtesy of your trusted Fairfield wine and spirit shop to get your started. Take note though that this list is by no means complete, since it can take years before you develop and perfect all the required skills of a true wine connoisseur, but they are enough to help you to confidently pick a wine out of a list.

Extensive Liquor Range – Recommendations for Wine and Cheese Pairing

With an extensive liquor range, it can be quite confusing to get the right pairing of wine with cheese. While creating new wine pairings with cheese it is important to consider the texture of the cheese. Light red wine like Pinot Noir is best served with delicately flavoured cheese and medium-firm cheese.

White wine can easily match with a wide range of cheese when compared with their red counterparts. The reason behind this is the lack of tannin which makes white wine more flexible. The extensive liquor range includes various white wines like Sauvignon Blanc which matches up amazingly with goat cheese. Similarly, Prosecco is generally served with aged versions of Asiago.

The complex floral notes of the Chardonnay are best complimented when paired with triple cream cheeses like Brie, Delice de Bourgogne etc. Bold red wines from the extensive liquor range which includes Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah works well with intense cheese like aged cheddars and peppery cheeses.

Cellars bottle shop – How to identify a Bad Wine?

Cellars bottle shop ensure that your wine enjoys the best climate and milieu for staying fresh, however if a wine bottle is open for over a week, there are high chances of it going bad. However, there are certain exceptions to this rule, for example fortified dessert wines and others with 18+ ABV (Alcohol by Volume).
When a wine in a cellars bottle shop is past its prime, it begins to get cloudy leaving a film in the bottle. The oxidative stress in the wine is visible with its change of colour to a brown hue. With tiny bubbles, the wine would begin to taste oddly sour. The smell would be abrasive and sharp with medicinal aroma similar to a paint thinner or vinegar.
The change in smell is due to the chemical reactions because the wine was exposed to oxidation and heat which allows bacteria to grow. The end result of such chemical reactions is the production of acetic acid.

Liquor store Fairfield – List of Important Wine Accessories

Buying wine from the liquor store Fairfield is just the first step, and you would need other important wine accessories to enjoy your favourite drink. Wine experts and sommeliers recommend the use of best wine accessories available in the market. There are seven important wine accessories which are indispensable for a wine lover.

The Wine opener comes in different sizes and shapes and the choice depends entirely on your budget and preferences. According to research reports, the same of the wine glass does affect the flavour of wine from liquor store Fairfield which is why you should choose from stemmed glasses of either crystal or regular glass.

The wine preserver is important because once the bottle is opened, wine is extremely vulnerable to oxidation. The Champagne stopper is important if you want to enjoy sparkling wine bought from the liquor store Fairfield. The decanter helps in bringing forth the best characteristics of your favourite wine.