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Fairfield West Cellars

Fairfield West Cellars's - Fairfield favourite liquor store. You can buy wine, champagne, sparkling wine, beer, cider and spirits online.

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Local & Imported Liquor – Terroir influences the wine’s taste

Weather and climate plays a decisive role in viticulture and wine production which is why the difference in taste between Local & Imported Liquor. Terroir (tair-wahr) is a French concept which shows how the soil, terrain and the region’s climate influences the taste of wine. One of the most used, however least understood wine lingo, terroir describes every wine region viz. Bordeaux’s terroir, Napa’s terroir etc.

There are three important yardsticks used to judge any wine which includes Quality, Personality and Character of the wine. Winemaking has progressed over the years which has made viticulture possible across the globe, however the terroir plays an important role in determining the flavours of local & imported liquor. Any wine region is generally a collection of terroirs where some are better than the others. There are four important characteristics of terroir which includes the climate, soil, terrain and cultural influences.

Hire a professional bartender to save yourself from buying extra

If you are opting for a self-service bar then people may pour large servings and there will be a lot of wastage, so be prepared to order extra quantity from the cellars bottle shop. On the other hand, you can save yourself from the burden of purchasing extra booze by hiring a professional bartender who will make sure your alcohol is flowing in a proper manner perfectly as you wanted.

Fairfield West Cellars is the leading liquor store in the city of Fairfield. They stock a fantastic range of local and imported liquor, providing a one stop destination for all your alcohol needs

Know how to divide the servings

The next most important thing you’ll need to consider is how to divide the drinks among the guests. When picking the booze for the event, it’s always beneficial if you know your crowd well. When you have determined the number of people who will drink, it is time to decide the number of bottles you’ll need depending on the servings.
• A 750 ml wine bottle will get you approximately 5 servings.
• It is best to select two different types of beers for the party in order to provide variety to your guests. Choose one light and the other one dark to make sure all your guests are satisfied with your arrangements.
• When you visit a liquor store in Fairfield, order at least one red wine and one white wine.


Analyse the number of bottles you require

It is important for you to understand the quantity of alcohol you need to make sure all your guests are satisfied. For a small function, it can be easy to know how much you need, just buy a few bottles from a good cellars bottle shop and it will be done. Make sure to choose a bottle shop that specialises in both local and imported liquor, to offer more choices to your guests. Let’s have a look at some tips for figuring out your alcohol needs if you have a big event like weddings or corporate party coming up.

•Firstly, you have to check your guest list to see how many of them drink.
•Secondly, you will have to analyse the guests more closely and try to find out their drinking capacity because some people drink more and some are fine with just a couple of glasses.
•You know your guests better, analyse their drinking habits and order accordingly from a reputable liquor store in Fairfield, such as Fairfield West Cellars.

Liquor Store in Fairfield – Calculating Alcohol Needs For Your Special Event

Determining the exact quantity of liquor for a small get together is easy, but alcohol planning for a big celebration and ordering the precise quantity from a bottle shop in Fairfield is a different game altogether. Finest quality liquor, purchased from a trusted liquor store in Fairfield, is a necessity if you want to make your event truly memorable. Whether you are hosting a wedding celebration, birthday party or a corporate event, alcohol plays a major role in the success of all events.
Fairfield wines, champagne and beers are a common feature in parties here. When your guests pour their favourite liquor in their glasses, it gives them a special feeling and they start respecting your even more. Make sure you tie up with a reliable cellars bottle shop that can provide you an extensive Liquor Range to keep the booze flowing in your party without any hassle!

Local & Imported Liquor – Serving Wine the Right Way

There is a wide range of local & imported liquor, however one should note that serving wine in different glassware would change the way it tastes. Wine should always be served at a temperature which can reveal its aroma and characteristic. The temperature has a tremendous bearing on taste of local & imported liquor.

There are different types of wine openers, however it is important to master the art of opening a bottle of wine to serve it properly. Generally every red wine would taste better decanted. A faster way is to make use of a wine aerator which decants local & imported liquor almost instantaneously.
Store open wines in the fridge, and keep them away from direct sunlight. For red wine that is young and tannic, it should at least last for 2 days at room temperature. Wine should be poured into the serving glass and should preferably be less than half full.

Extensive Liquor Range – Popular Red and White Wines

There are different styles and an extensive liquor range for red and white wines to savour. The insane amount of options available in each variety makes it a daunting task to choose the best. However, we have prepared the list of most popular red and white wine from the extensive liquor range which gives a good representation of the style and taste of respective wine variety.

In case of red wine, don’t miss the Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and the Zinfandel. While the Pinot Noir is all about flavours, aroma and acidity, the Cabernet Sauvignon introduces you to tannins. It is full bodied with aromas of dark cherries and hints of vanilla because the wine is aged in oak barrels.

From the extensive liquor range for white wine, the most popular ones include Chardonnay – both oaked and un-oaked, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling and Pinot Grigio.

Know the choices of your guests

Determining the choice of your guests is also important. If your loved ones like to drink wine and beer, then make sure you have sufficient quantity of wines and beers at your party. If you are not aware of the preferences of your guests, experts at a good bottle shop in Fairfield can help you get the most popular choices for your event.

Liquor store Fairfield – Why Red wine is comparatively expensive to White Wine?

There are quite many reasons which make white wine less expensive than the reds. Grape varieties used for red wine are generally more expensive. Also varieties like Riesling and Pinot Gris grapes carry almost double the crop than reds.

The white wine makes its way to the Liquor store Fairfield faster when compared to the reds. White wine would spend a few months in stainless steel tanks or, barrels before being sent to the market, thereby offering better cash flow for the winery.

Red wines usually require new oak barrels for the toasty oak flavour and also need a longer ageing process thereby resulting in a higher manufacturing cost. Hence, the winery would tend to charge more for the red wine due to the manufacturing cost and higher profit margin, while keeping the prices of white wine down.

Fairfield wines – Wine Taste Profile for Chardonnay

There are two major variants of Chardonnay Fairfield wines i.e. the un-oaked wine which has a zesty style similar to the Sauvignon Blanc and the flavours range from lemon, figs, green apple and pineapple. The other variant is the oaked Chardonnay which is full-bodied, rich and have flavours of caramel, butter or vanilla.

Chardonnay sports various flavours of fruit like berries, citrus and other fruits like apple, pear, fig etc. Similarly, it can also have flavours of herbs, spices, mineral, flower etc. With oak ageing, there are other flavours added like that of caramelized sugar, coconut, butter, pie crust, baked tart, praline etc.

The serving temperature for Un-oaked Chardonnay is around 9 degree Celsius, whereas for oaked Chardonnay it is around 12 degree Celsius. There are similar varieties of Fairfield wines which includes Marsanne, Antao Vaz, Semillon, Roussanne etc. Chardonnay is considered as one of the most diverse white wine grape in the world which offers a wide variety of styles and flavour.