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Fairfield West Cellars

Fairfield West Cellars's - Fairfield favourite liquor store. You can buy wine, champagne, sparkling wine, beer, cider and spirits online.

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222 Hamilton Road Fairfield Heights, NSW 2165

Cellars bottle shop – Important Tips for the best Wine Cellars

The temperature and humidity levels of the Cellars bottle shop need to be controlled to ensure the best ageing environment for the wine. There are two different styles of wine cellars where one is constructed to store wine in the best conditions whereas the other just mirrors these conditions. The three important elements to consider for constructing the best wine cellars bottle shop includes temperature, insulation and UV control.

It is also important to track the duration for which the wine is stored in the cellars bottle shop. There are different fancy shelves available in the cellars bottle shop for a wide range of wines. The storage temperature should never exceed 75 degree Fahrenheit because wine starts to oxidise at that temperature.
One also needs to avoid large fluctuations in temperature because wine is best stored within a particular temperature range. Cooler temperature would generally slow down the ageing process whereas higher temperature expedites the ageing process of the wine.

Bottle shop Fairfield – Traits of an Oenophile

In order to appreciate fine wine from the nearest bottle shop Fairfield, you need to always remember the 4 S’s i.e. See, Swirl, Smell and Sip. By examining the colour, one can get a fair idea of the ageing process used. By swirling the wine, it releases the aroma which helps in understanding the taste of wine.

By smelling wine from the bottle shop Fairfield, you can look for citrus or tropical notes. Sipping the wine is generally a combination of taste and smell which would help in making a decision as to whether you like the wine or not. Tannins which occurs naturally in grapes add complexity, bitterness and astringency to a wine’s flavour.
For the best taste, each type of wine needs to be served at different temperature. Red wine generally prefers a temperature range between 20-25 degree Celsius, whereas White wine needs to be kept below 5 degree Celsius.

Liquor store Fairfield – Choosing Between Red and White Wine

Wine is all about personal opinion and hence there is actually no real need to choose between red and white wine variety. There are different varieties of red wine available in Liquor store Fairfield which can promise a great taste. With the kind of diversity available with red wine, one can try the Pinotage which is an earthy, chewy wine that pairs well with strong cheese, beef or barbeque pork.

Similarly, there are lot more varieties of white wine apart from the Chardonnay and Chablis. There is something for everyone’s taste buds from crisp, sweet, syrupy or tart. Depending on your taste, you can pair a whitefish or bacon macroni with your white wine. One can also experiment with the wines available at Liquor store Fairfield. A spicy dish is well complimented by a light red wine like Beaujolias or Gamay. However, something spicy and heavy like a steak or barbeque would probably be best relished with Cabernet Sauvignon.

Cellars bottle shop – Things to Know about the Wine Racks

Cellars bottle shops offers the best for the finest wine cellars which offers a dark and cool place for the finest assortment of wines. The custom built wine racks need to have a controlled environment which can offer optimal temperature and humidity levels. The wine racks offer great choice in terms of the material used i.e. veneer plywood, premium redwood or metal.

The wine racks are also available in a variety of finishing like the rounded or bevelled edges, waterfall design, vertical display and quarter round shelving. There are different shape, size and designs available with the finest wine racks available in the market.
While choosing wine racks for cellars bottle shop, make sure that odourless timber is used. The timber built wine racks are appealing to look at and also provides the maximum storage space. The metal wine racks on the other hand are extremely sturdy and durable.


Fairfield wine & spirits – The Wine Tasting Experience

Enjoying and appreciating wine means liking the taste and texture of your favourite drink. You would have often heard people saying gooseberry notes on the nose and many more. Being able to deconstruct the various layers and flavours of wine is a skill which would add to your pleasure of dine and drink.

The experience of wine tasting can be seen as a conglomeration of the following steps i.e. Looking at the wine in the glass, Swirling the wine in the glass, Putting your nose down inside the glass for a sniff, Sipping the drink and spitting before you taste the next wine variety.

Fairfield wine & spirits offers a wide selection of wines which means you can have ample opportunities to experiment with different wine varieties before settling down for the best taste. The body or weight of the wine i.e. light, medium or full can be judged with its colour. By swirling the wine, you can make an idea of the aroma and flavour components of the wine. Similarly, by sniffing you get an idea of the taste and condition of the wine.

Fairfield wines – Different Varieties of White Wine

Varietal wines like Chardonnay shows the fruit because the taste of white wine depends invariably on the grape variety. There are different varieties of White wine such as Chardonnay, Semillon, Moscato, Pinot grigio, Gewurztraminer, Riesling and the Sauvignon blanc.

The Chardonnay which can be either made sparking or still was the most popular white wine of the 90s. It can be served with either fish or chicken dishes. The taste is generally wider bodied with rich citrus flavours. Semillon is generally relished with clams, mussel or a pasta salad. The distinct fig like taste of this variety of Fairfield wines is often blended with the sauvignon blanc to produce a full bodied and syrupy wine.

Moscato is often sweet and fruity with an exotic musky aroma. The Pinot grigio promises aromatic, fruity flavours which makes it well suited for spicy Chinese cuisine. The Gewurztraminer can be paired with pork, grilled sausages and Asian cuisine. Riesling wines are lighter than the Chardonnay and the aroma generally includes fresh apples.

Bottle shop Fairfield – Storing Red and White Wine Correctly

Knowing the best way to store red and white wine in bottle shop Fairfield is important. Red wine is known as a great source of anti-oxidants and also offers great health benefits. Whilst there are benefits from long term ageing, a few of the wine varieties are best enjoyed within a few year of their release.
Knowing the best temperature to store your favourite wine is important. The ideal temperature is generally between 7 and 18 degrees Celsius, which can be a challenge to maintain considering the fluctuating seasons. White wine is often stored in a refrigerator, however it only works as a short term solution. The best way is to find a place where the temperature can be correctly regulated.

Sunlight can alter the natural aroma and flavour of wine, which is why they are stored in big oak barrels in dark cellars. The wine bottles should be typically stored laying on their side. Wine is best savoured so enjoy every little drop and avoid drinking it all at once.

Home Bar essentials

Some people keep postponing the idea of setting up a home bar, because they are worried about the expenses involved in a full-fledged bar. The key is to start small, and include the most essential items in the beginning. Alcohol is certainly the most basic and crucial element of any bar. Some of the drinks you must include in any respectable bar are whiskey, vodka, rum, gin and tequila, among others. Well, the good news is that you can access the vast collection of best quality alcoholic drinks available at reasonable prices by just choosing to shop at an established bottle shop in Fairfield, such as Fairfield West Cellars. So, get ready to entertain your guests like never before.

Proper storage

If the liquors bottles are sealed, you can keep them as long as you want in most cases. However, make sure to not expose them to direct sunlight.  On the other hand, try to consume bottles that are half empty as air in the bottles can deteriorate the taste and flavour of liquor. There are wines, such as Vermouth, that need to be consumed with in a short time if you want to experience the best taste.  The best way is to only buy as much quantity from a Liquor store in Fairfield that you think can be finished in a short time.

Don’t buy to impress others

Many people when buying Fairfield wines and spirits from any cellars bottle shop only pick those options which they think would make a good impression on their guests. Most often, they end up buying the most expensive drinks, some of which they don’t even enjoy. Remember that the most loyal customer of your bar is you, and you can include certain entertainment options in your home bar to impress others. Moreover, when you stock your bar with your favourite drinks, it will give you a chance to share your taste with your guests. Trust us, people love to know about the favourite drinks of others to expand their own experiences.