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Fairfield West Cellars's - Fairfield favourite liquor store. You can buy wine, champagne, sparkling wine, beer, cider and spirits online.

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222 Hamilton Road Fairfield Heights, NSW 2165

Blind tasting

One thing you could do during your wine tasting session is blind tasting. This is actually a very good way to hone your skills and get intimate with the different taste and subtleties of wine. There are several ways you can do this, and one of the simplest methods is to cover the wine bottle’s label. This prevents you from being influenced by brands, and thus be able to make judgements solely based on how you perceive the wine and its actual taste. During the blind tasting session, make sure to take notes about the color, taste and other nuances of the wine you are tasting.

It can be challenging to go at this alone, since you will be buying the wine yourself and you will of course see the labels; what you can do though is have someone buy them for you from the different liquor store Fairfield is home to, cover the bottle in a foil and number them. This way, you will have no idea about the name of the wine you are tasting. Take a wild guess if needed – don’t be afraid of being wrong – this should be a fun and exciting learning experience for you.