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Extensive Liquor Range – Recommendations for Wine and Cheese Pairing

With an extensive liquor range, it can be quite confusing to get the right pairing of wine with cheese. While creating new wine pairings with cheese it is important to consider the texture of the cheese. Light red wine like Pinot Noir is best served with delicately flavoured cheese and medium-firm cheese.

White wine can easily match with a wide range of cheese when compared with their red counterparts. The reason behind this is the lack of tannin which makes white wine more flexible. The extensive liquor range includes various white wines like Sauvignon Blanc which matches up amazingly with goat cheese. Similarly, Prosecco is generally served with aged versions of Asiago.

The complex floral notes of the Chardonnay are best complimented when paired with triple cream cheeses like Brie, Delice de Bourgogne etc. Bold red wines from the extensive liquor range which includes Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah works well with intense cheese like aged cheddars and peppery cheeses.