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Fairfield West Cellars's - Fairfield favourite liquor store. You can buy wine, champagne, sparkling wine, beer, cider and spirits online.

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222 Hamilton Road Fairfield Heights, NSW 2165

Fairfield wine & spirits – Choosing the Perfect Wine

Fairfield wine & spirits can complete any meal, entertain your guests and ensure a great experience. There are too many aspects associated with wine which includes the winemaking process, the area where the wine originated and the style of wine. Old world wines are usually referred to winemaking developed in European countries like Spain, Italy, Germany and France.

The winemaking process involves mixing of two or more grape varieties, thereby resulting in a subtle wine which can complement any meal. Fairfield wine & spirits which are labelled as Old world wines are usually more delicate, elegant, less bold and less vibrant in colour. They also have higher acidity and better natural balance. Few examples include Chianti, Bordeaux, Rioja and Chablis.
New world wines is generally referred to the United States which are characterized as more luscious and bolder.

They have higher alcohol content since the grapes used for these wines ripen longer and faster. This predominantly grape varietal includes Merlot, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel.

In order to ensure that your Fairfield wine & spirits can last longer, you need to Optimal temperature, dark cellars, a still environment and horizontal storage which keeps the cork moist thereby preventing shrinkage and spoilage.