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Fairfield West Cellars's - Fairfield favourite liquor store. You can buy wine, champagne, sparkling wine, beer, cider and spirits online.

Open Monday-Saturday 9am - 8pm Sunday 10am - 6pm

Phone: 02 9724 5157

222 Hamilton Road Fairfield Heights, NSW 2165

Fairfield wines – Wine Taste Profile for Chardonnay

There are two major variants of Chardonnay Fairfield wines i.e. the un-oaked wine which has a zesty style similar to the Sauvignon Blanc and the flavours range from lemon, figs, green apple and pineapple. The other variant is the oaked Chardonnay which is full-bodied, rich and have flavours of caramel, butter or vanilla.

Chardonnay sports various flavours of fruit like berries, citrus and other fruits like apple, pear, fig etc. Similarly, it can also have flavours of herbs, spices, mineral, flower etc. With oak ageing, there are other flavours added like that of caramelized sugar, coconut, butter, pie crust, baked tart, praline etc.

The serving temperature for Un-oaked Chardonnay is around 9 degree Celsius, whereas for oaked Chardonnay it is around 12 degree Celsius. There are similar varieties of Fairfield wines which includes Marsanne, Antao Vaz, Semillon, Roussanne etc. Chardonnay is considered as one of the most diverse white wine grape in the world which offers a wide variety of styles and flavour.