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Local & Imported Liquor – Terroir influences the wine’s taste

Weather and climate plays a decisive role in viticulture and wine production which is why the difference in taste between Local & Imported Liquor. Terroir (tair-wahr) is a French concept which shows how the soil, terrain and the region’s climate influences the taste of wine. One of the most used, however least understood wine lingo, terroir describes every wine region viz. Bordeaux’s terroir, Napa’s terroir etc.

There are three important yardsticks used to judge any wine which includes Quality, Personality and Character of the wine. Winemaking has progressed over the years which has made viticulture possible across the globe, however the terroir plays an important role in determining the flavours of local & imported liquor. Any wine region is generally a collection of terroirs where some are better than the others. There are four important characteristics of terroir which includes the climate, soil, terrain and cultural influences.