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Practise the 4’s of Wine Tasting

The 4’s of wine tasting is nothing new, but it is one of the most important aspects to becoming a wine connoisseur. Practicing the 4’s whenever you can will help you to develop your palate and taste for Fairfield wines (or any other type of wine for that matter) as it allows your senses to get up close and personal with the different characteristics and components of wines. The 4’s of wine tasting refer to:

  • See – the color of the wine is one indicator of age. For instance, older red wines will have a lighter color compared to a bottle of red wine from a younger batch. The opposite is true for white wines, where older batches will have darker shades.
  • Swirl – swirling releases the different aromatics of a wine, and is an important step before moving to the third ‘S.’ When swirling, aim to coat all the sides of the glass evenly.
  • Smell – different wines will have different scents – from citrusy to berry scents and so on. Some will even have woody or vanilla scents. A wine’s scent is affected by different factors, including the storage temperature. For instance, white wines stored in cool temperatures have a tangy scent.
  • Sip – don’t send the wine straight to the back of your throat. Let it linger in your mouth, and try to wet your whole tongue with it before swallowing. Try to identify the different flavours of the wine after you sip.